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In 2008, three friends decided to open a small sushi bar in Pacific Heights that only sold responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly seafood. That restaurant, Tataki, was the first sustainable sushi bar in the United States.


We specialize in healthy, low-impact ingredients, including local and organic fruits and vegetables.


Our oceans are integral to life on this planet. They form a critical part of the carbon cycle, and greatly influence global climate and weather patterns.


Our mission is to showcase the beauty and delicacy of Japanese cuisine while respecting the sanctity and fragility of our environment. If we are to preserve the art of sushi, we must also safeguard the health and biodiversity of our oceans. With this in mind, we strive everyday to integrate the concept of sustainable dining into our menu options.

Our society is capturing fish at a rate that is much faster than they can reproduce. Many marine scientists have predicted the commercial extinction of many oceanic species if this trend continues. At Tataki, we are committed to finding ways to overcome this challenge through the careful selection of sustainable options.


2827 California Street San Francisco CA 94115

415.931.1182 I

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