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Kin Lui

Chef Kin Lui was born in Hong Kong but raised most his life in Hawaii. His passion for cooking began at the early age of 16. He later moved to San Francisco to pursue his culinary career. Kin was lucky enough to apprentice under the Master Sushi Chef at the renowned Kyo-ya Restaurant. He was inspired and motivated to fuse local Hawaiian and Asian traditions into the art of sushi making. His aptitude for innovative fusion puts a unique twist on traditional Japanese cuisine.

Raymond Ho

Chef Raymond Ho was born and raised in Hong Kong. Raymond began his culinary career when he moved to San Francisco over ten years ago. He gained a broad range of culinary experience from being a pastry chef to a theatrical teppanyaki chef to traditional sushi making. Chef Raymond, a perfectionist at the art of sushi creations, has utilized his experience in creating dishes with an exquisite and artistic flare that still reflects the traditional elegance of Japanese Cuisines

Casson Trenor

Casson is a reknowned seafood sustainability professional who has received numerous honors and accolades for his work. He specializes in sushi, and is dedicated to transforming the American sushi complex into a sustainable industry. Casson is the author of Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time (North Atlantic Books, January 2009).

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